Need to (re)discover and embrace your already-existing wholeness and connect with a sense of what gives meaning and purpose to your life? Lost the expression of your authentic and essential self that you have typically found in life through work, relationships, family, community and/or service? Caring for an aging parent? Entering into or out of a marriage, or new relationship?  Or maybe you’re a new parent, or starting a new project, or excited and a little confused about one you’ve already given birth to? As higher levels of consciousness and empathy evolve in an increasingly interconnected world, so too may your desire to explore, question and/or deepen your experience of life through private or small-group conversation with a spiritual orientation.

You must give birth to your images.

They are the future waiting to be born...

Fear not the strangeness that you feel.

The future must enter you long before it happens...

Just wait for the birth... for the hour of clarity.

                           --- Rainer Maria Rilke