I take an agile approach to spiritual development.

As an ordained Interfaith Minister I offer spiritual services to individuals and communities who may or may not affiliate with an existing religious tradition. Through private conversation, public discourse, urban projects and co-creative custom-designed ceremonies, I work with individuals and groups to weave together ancient traditions with contemporary knowledge in creative ways that speak directly to the heart of the 21st Century.

As an aspiring eco-theologian with a passion for innovative cultural projects, I explore ways for contemporary societies to imaginatively bridge the sacred and the secular in pursuit of societal wholeness and ecological sustainability.


My name is Carolyn Taylor. Several years ago, I began to merge my passion for and career in the arts, culture and social change sectors, with post graduate studies in ecology, theology and interfaith spirituality. I was curious to explore if and how societies could re-discover a sense of the sacred and re-imagine how to build community around it. 

Understanding that many people today are unaffiliated with any particular faith tradition, and that others routinely cross boundaries that previously divided religions from one another, and that others simply yearn for access to beautiful ideals and nourishing practices, I created Rev’d Up as a hybrid enterprise to offer both spiritual services to individuals, and imaginative projects to communities interested in bridging the sacred and the secular in unique and creative ways.

If you are looking for a spiritual home either within a particular tradition or in the open and undefined spaces in between them, please click on the links above to learn more about how Rev’d Up can serve your needs and, I hope, ignite your imagination! 

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My Approach