Rev’d Up in the sacred sandbox


(fully booked for 2014)

Are you a dogma-dodger, yet curious about the world’s religions?

Ever wondered how each of them fits into the story of our collective past?

Ever felt that secular society is entirely capable of having a mature, inspired, and (maybe even fun?!) conversation about how we might use the world’s aptly named ‘wisdom traditions’ as a spring-board to think about and connect with the sacred in our 21st century plural, secular societies?

Well guess what?!  Rev’d Up is offering its first 8-part workshop series in an attempt to have a fun, imaginative, respectful and experiential group exploration of just these questions, complete with field trips!

Using an ‘inter-spiritual philosophy’ (I’ll explain what this means in the first workshop) to explore and experience a sampling of the world’s rich wisdom traditions, these workshops will give you a bird’s eye view of eastern, western and earth-based religions and their spiritual practices.  Each workshop will include an optional field-trip to a place of worship consistent with that month’s studies, and at the end, we’ll spend time considering our own personal ideas of ‘sacred space’, and ways to reverence it.

Schedule:  The last Monday of each month at 7pm, as follows:

  1. January 29 Hinduism

  2. February 26 Buddhism

  3. March 26 Judaism

  4. April 30 Christianity

  5. May 28 Islam

  6. June 25 Earth-based Indigenous

  7. July 30 Contemporary (sampling of two)

  8. August 27 What’s your sacred? -- Exploring our own idea of sanctuary or sacred space in the city

Location: Downtown Toronto location will be confirmed upon registration (see below).

Series Cost:

$160 + 13% HST ($20 per class + HST)

Payment for full series collected at first class (cheque or credit card).